Healthy foods
for better learning™

"Studies show that students who eat more fruits

and vegetables and get regular physical activity
often perform better in the classroom."
— Network for a Healthy California
Food 4 Thought, LLC is a company that brings the highest quality fresh produce into schools to help students eat healthy and learn better. Through our Farm to School program, we partner with small, family-owned California farms that share our commitment to student health and nutrition. This partnership enables Food 4 Thought to provide you with the freshest fruits and vegetables — grown, picked and packed in student-sized portions — with pricing to help stretch your budget.

farm to school

Farm to School

Food 4 Thought maintains a network of small, family-owned California farms in order to serve the specific needs of school nutrition programs. Our Farm to School program is designed to help you meet federal, state and local mandates to provide healthy meals and snacks. Our California farmers hand select the freshest fruits and vegetables in sizes just right for students, allowing pricing that helps you stretch your budget dollar. Food 4 Thought also offers cut & washed vegetables, dried fruit and nuts. Call, fax or email us, and we'll send you our Weekly Growers' Cart to inform you of current availability and pricing. Special requests are welcome! Food 4 Thought works with school districts and county officials to implement and support key nutrition education programs including Harvest of the Month and Farmers Market on Campus. Our Healthy School Fundraiser program helps school teams and organizations meet their fundraising goals by selling nutritious foods.

Harvest Of The Month 2

Harvest of the Month

The Food 4 Thought team enjoys years of experience with California's Harvest of the Month program. Based on the state or your local Harvest of the Month schedule, we will supply a complete classroom support kit. Each student receives a properly-sized sampling of that months harvest: fresh or dried fruits or cut, washed and bagged vegetables — ready to serve — ensuring less time for preparation and more time for learning! For schools or districts new to Harvest of the Month, the Food 4 Thought team will help you with training and implementation.

Harvest Of The Month

Farmers Market on Campus

Food 4 Thought offers a Farmers Market on Campus program designed to broaden, enhance and complement your other nutrition education programs. Fun and festive, this experience exposes students to new, healthy food choices for themselves and their families, and allows them to learn about the value of money. We can provide training, tents, banners and "School Bucks" as well as fresh market produce

Healthy School Fundraisers

Healthy School Fundraisers

Food 4 Thought offers a variety of fundraising solutions for your school teams and organizations. Our program provides healthy alternatives for fundraising that meet all the requirements of California SB12. Choose from fresh fruit boxes, dried fruit trays, natural or roasted nut tins, or bountiful gift boxes and baskets


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